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Venda de ingressos no Brasil

Segundo a página do Credicard Hall, as pré-vendas para o show do Morten no Brasil na casa no dia 26/9 começarão na próxima segunda-feira dia 07/05 e irão até o dia 13/05. A partir do dia 14 a venda provavelmente será liberada para o público geral.
Lembrando que a pré-venda é para clientes Credicard e Dinners.

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Novo CD do Morten no Brasil!

A venda do novo CD do Morten está prevista para oito de maio segundo consta na página da Livraria Cultura (

Quem ainda não tem, vale a pena garantir! O CD está ótimo! ;-)

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Morten na Rússia

Morten começou sua turnê pela Rússia e vem tocando músicas dos 3 álbuns em inglês dele e também músicas do a-ha. Veja a lista de músicas do show de hoje:

1. Burn Money Burn
2. I’m The One
3. Keep The Sun Away
4. Crying In The Rain
5. Out Of Blue Comes Green
6. Move To Memphis
7. Forever Not Yours
8. When I Reached The Moon
9. Los Angeles
10. Spanish Steps
11. A Kind Of Christmas Card
12. We’re Looking For The Whales
13. Just Believe It
14. Lightning
15. Scared Of Heights 

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Morten Harket behind the myth TV 2 Filmed in Rio de Janeiro - Jan.2012

Morten Harket behind the myth TV 2 Filmed in Rio de Janeiro - Jan.2012

The man without the band (Aftenposten Newspaper – 14.04.2012)

For four days, it was. What German cities he has visited? I do not know, he replies. The names of radio stations he has spoken to? I do not remember. All Morten Harket know is that it has been exhausting. As to be hired around with a chain around his neck, he says the promotional work.

Now there is only one picture left to take. The tabloid Bild that should have it. So it is over. Then he can go to a home where nobody asks him if he fell out with Paul and Magne or what he feels when he sings "Take on me".

But in the botanical garden in Hamburg, Morten Harket locked.

- I will not pose as a monkey in a fake jungle. I did things like this in the 1980s, not now. It does not look natural, he says to the photographer, and scowl on the collection of close-growing plants will use the newspaper as a backdrop.

- I hate this. It makes me feel ten years older in the heart, says Harket before he goes on an intermediate solution: He can go past the plants, do not stand still and not look in the camera.

- Can you smile? asks the photographer.

- Take the picture.

- Smile, then.

- Ask me not to smile. I am not your singing and dance man, devouring Morten Harket.

None of that name
Hamburg, 18 hours earlier: Harket's manager Harald Wiik has reported: Show up at the Hyatt Hotel at 21:30. Ask the reception room to call 425 Where does he live. Contact me if problems arise.

At Hyatt goats guests into a reception size of a handball court. In the end there are three women behind the three disks. One is free.

- Can you call room 425, please.

- Who will you talk to?

- Morten Harket.

The receptionist looks at the screen. When she looks up, she reminds of a bank clerk in front of a customer without funds in the account.

- There should not by that name there, she says.

It's time to call the manager.

- He entered in a different name. But you must promise not to reveal the pseudonym, said Wiik.

The name is so special that the receptionist starts to laugh.

- Very good, she says, and rings.

- Mmhmm, answer one of the most recognizable voices popens.

Strange playing a-ha
Morten Harket get into the hotel's fireside lounge in leather jacket, a shirt that is open to far down on the chest and jeans it looks like a lion band has been playing with. That's one reason why he's here.He will sell records. The new name is Out of my hands, the ten songs to mark the 52-year-old's final break with a-ha about the nature of a solo career that will last a long time. Yesterday plate.Before that: reviews.

"Great sounding and some småfine pop songs, but never anything more," wrote Times (cube 3). "It's an ever so slight problem that the strongest song here is an English translation of a ten-year-old Kent-song," reported VG (3). "The album's biggest advantages is the absence of any småsutrete melancholy," said Aftenposten (4).

Harket has not had much time to read. Monday in two days concert starts his tour in Krasnoyarsk - Siberia of all places. In ten nights he will have seven shows in Russia and Belarus. After the trip to the east, waiting Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France and England.When summer is over: Oslo, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

This is land, a-ha has been very strong in. But what about Morten Harket - alone? All he is, he is due to a-ha. All the journalists who have booked time with him at the launch, they're interested in him because of what he did with his band from 1982 to 2010. At the top of his website reads to and with the voice of a-ha - Morten Harket.

The project is characterized by confidence and uncertainty. Harald Wiik ask: - Is the world ready for Harket without a-ha in 2012? We do not know. Maybe we have the odds against us. But we think yes.

The main character says he is going to have to start somewhere.He knows that people have difficulty seeing him without the other two a-ha-members are included. Nevertheless, early in the solo process he thought bold thoughts: If I play a-ha songs, I will not do it with Pål and Magne? Can I go on tour and only play my own stuff?

A few months later, the questions are: How many a-ha hits, he will play? And which ones? The choice to take the songs with him on a trip he says is about respect. Respect for who he is, what a-ha was and what the public expects.

- Some of the songs feels nicer to play than others. "Stay on These Roads" is easy, because I had such a big role when it came to be.But what about "Hunting high and low"? Paul made it at an early stage, and to me so clearly demonstrated the caliber of ours. There are stories attached to it: When we were playing it, Magne made a deadly beautiful interlude on the piano. Then he forgot what he had played. Such things. Although many people associate it with my voice, I do not know if I should play it.

- What about "Take on me"?

- It's easy. For me it separate from the rest. It has lived its own life for over 25 years, as a foundling who gives us the finger all the time, he said.

He has star using the Out of my hands: one track is a cover version of Espen Lind hit "Scared of heights." Another is Harket's English version of the Swedish Kent "Kärlekens won". And as if that was not enough, came from poplegendene Pet Shop Boys with the song "Listening" as a gift. Pet Shop Boys! The band with the "West End Girls", as a-ha boys heard everywhere when they traveled to London in 1984.

- A song from the Pet Shop Boys would have recorded anyway, so it is fun, he said.

But: Cover from Norway and Sweden and gifts from England - he has had too little to choose between or too much haste to make more private? Harket looks different on it. He says that maybe he is able to make good Scandinavian songs out to a wider audience.Then must first embrace a larger audience Morten Harket without a-ha.

"Morten, Morten, Morten"
It is midnight when we are apart. Two adults ladies throwing themselves on him once he becomes available. Harket handing out a few hugs and go to bed.

The next day begins with that he is being painted by sminkøsen Out Metha. "For an amazing job I have," says Mehta, who had posters of Harket on the wall in the mid 80's. The rest of the day, she follows after him with a suitcase in hand. When we go out to the reception, is 10 to 12 women at the elevator and wait. They are equipped with the artist calls a Cocker Spaniel-glance. "Morten, Morten, Morten", they say, and one holding a leather belt she wants him to sign.There is no time for this. The driver and the guard Sebastian wants us gone.

In the mini bus that will take us to the radio station NDR 2, Harket says:

- I have set up more than most. I have stood for hours and signed.But I have no trouble passing. I will treat people equally. I have accepted that this is an area where I can not. I can not meet the need.

- Do you get recognized everywhere?

- All the time. Most are not visible. But I have eyes in the neck, and can steer away from many situations.

- Several artists said that they will be in peace in their homeland.Will you be in peace in Oslo?

- It depends what you mean. If it is to be left alone to sit somewhere while everyone stares, so I get it. When you become a public figure, you'll come out of society. You did the! Community offends you out and look at you differently. Fame hits, and the price to pay is high.I'm not now. It's just like that.

It's your choice. a-ha were to win the world with him as the beautiful frontman with the recognizable voice. The band could go hit after hit out of the bag, but it is also about appearance and identity, it was something beatlesk of it that hit the Norwegian trio, screaming teenage girls fainting and hugs he had never asked for. But even though he is 52 years now, with distinctive laugh lines and a visible moon on his head, he must still talk about the object Morten Harket.How he manages to look so good? Harket says he does not coach.He would have liked to have done it, pressed hard, but with the other pressure he is experiencing, it is not possible. He likes to go.Carrying his suitcase himself. And if you ask him where they pronounced bi-and triceps are coming from, he answers that they come when he rakes leaves in the garden on the Hurum. He is easily the muscles.

- Lucky you.

- It says all. But it is I who must talk about my body in interview after interview. It's embarrassing, he said. No more embarrassing than that he uses the muscular body of her on the cover of Out of my hands. It rises out of the water. Would a female artist to have received criticism for such a picture?

- It is not so much skin. It is more of a sculptural form. Anyway, now you have the mast on my body for 25 years, so now I'm focused on it.

Hits and uproar
At the radio station NDR2, with over two million listeners every day, two women hanging over the staircase railing to see him enter. A male employee asks Harket has the autograph cards. A few minutes after the artist was hired in here, and recording begins.

- How is the relationship with the other guys in the a-ha? is the opening for the interviewer Elke Wiswedel. Morten Harket says that anyone who asks, forgetting the respect and love between him, Paul Savoy and Magne Furuholmen. They could run through half of Europe without saying a word, they were stubborn and determined, but it was not the same qualities that made that they could create "Hunting high and low," "Scoundrel Days", "Manhattan Skyline", "Living a boy's adventure tale "," Life Lines "and round off the disc Foot of the Mountain, which reached fifth place on the British charts? Band disputes. Finally, members can not bear to be a band more. Was there any of the three who wanted a-ha was to live on? In the course of one day and over a hundred questions, the only Morten Harket will not answer.

- I am exhausted by the kind of focus, he says.

Inside the facility is Wiswedels Harket photographed with three contest winners and program manager. He signed photos and books with the same passion as when he signs a bill, before he is led into a new reporter from the same channel.

- What was the last night with a-ha? Ask Kristina Bischoff. It will be a thorough interview than the last. Harket speak of their children ("they do not need to know who they are but who they are not, by choosing things they do"), about money ("I trust blindly on others, I do not want the list itself, it will change me ") and climate (" the world is crying, civilization is heading off the cliff ").

"Fog Prince"
The final touches on a dilemma: Morten Harket is called a "fog first."He is parodied. At the border of ridicule. Often he comes with long, intricate trains of thought that requires concentration of the listener.In interview after interview he begins, and you notice that the interviewer starts to wander around with his eyes, he or she has such a bad time and want the hear about "Take on me" or Paul and Magne or the new solo disc, and Finally, he or she says "it was well said" or "it was a nice thought," or writing in the newspaper the day after "philosophisch Harket" while 52-year-old left with a look that says, "Do you hear me? This is important ".

I have over an hour of this on tape. It is not "fog". The fascination of how the earth came into being, if at all possible to go from nothing to civilization we know today. - I only know one thing that goes from nothing to something, and it's a song, says Harket. It is a boyish enthusiasm as he brings out the Hungarian philosopher Ervin László, who writes that in humans die 600 billion cells a day, ten million in second. There is concern pole melting, higher temperatures and a fear that we may only have short time to clean up. Fog? No, but just as marketable as "Take on me" is not.

On the way out of the channel's website NDR2 will have a video interview. Question: "What do you feel when playing" Take on me "?". Answer: "What do you feel when you sit down to eat?".Question: "Can you sing?". Answer: "Well? No. I do not sing on command. I'm not a Mercedes-engineering" cabinet for me "or even a plumber" close something ". When interviewed he said: - things like pull watts. They will I will sing and dance for them.

On the stairs I hear him mutter - Please, Michael Jackson do the moonwalk.

We are in Hamburg
He has traveled around Germany with a minimal follow: A PR lady from German Universal, Britta Ostermann, and a driver / guard from a VIP party. The only thing he has with them from Norway, the manager Harald Wiik. The two have different stories. Wiik was the drummer, and moved to Los Angeles with the band Money Talks in 1986, the year after "Take on Me" went to the top of Bilboardlisten in the United States. While Morten Harket and a-ha became rich and famous Money Talks were more and more discouraged. In 1999, Wiik manager Paul Savoy band Savoy. In 2005 he took over a-ha and marked "the eternal throttle in any way of inquiries." Now the 46-year-old with a backpack, windbreaker and a ring of dog barking steps behind the artist's your back. But do not think that Wiik is irresolute. It was his idea that Morten Harket recorded Espen Linds "Scared of heights." And after 22 July, when he realized that it would be a memorial concert in Oslo, it was he who called around to the former a-ha-members, and said: - They will call us within 24 hours. Then I could answer that we are with.

All three said yes immediately.

Now he sits in the back of the mini bus to the tour's last interview.The newspaper Bild would meet Morten Harket on the Reeperbahn, with bars and brothels. It was botanical garden. Morten Harket, who are interested in flowers, says journalist Lien Kaspari name of the orchids he sees.

- Why are you so interested in flowers? she asks.

- Because we're related.

- Do you believe in God? she wonders.

- You jump like a rabbit! We must first agree on what God is, what we're talking about. This is actually a mix of orchids that do not belong together, he said.

After the "monkey" image Morten Harket disliked so much is taken, he sinks into the car seat happy. He travels with a guitar case.Inside is a brand new guitar that is a gift from himself Steinegger.Just inside the VIP entrance at the airport promises the woman that holds up our tickets for her to make sure he gets his guitar into the plane.

Three women, five children
He going home to my girlfriend Inez Andersson and her daughter Karmen Poppi, as the two got together in 2008. The musician has a total of five children with three different women. Is it complicated?

- Everything depends on those involved. It is all about attitude. How the children have it, is what matters. It is controlled, of course, how it works for the adults. One has to expect from each other by ex-partners, that one pops up. Anything else would be unacceptable.

- Was it painful to break up?

- It is never easy. You get the power to the solution because you think it is a correct way. But it is not the same for everyone involved, he said.

The family should be discouraged in future. He and the musicians to practice, the Norwegian press will be launching their interviews, and besides, he will make another trip to Germany. Where, there is no point to ask him.

- This is a nice airport, says Harald Wiik, when the two go side by side.

- Is it Tegel? ask Morten Harket.

- Morten, we are in Hamburg, not Berlin.

This weekend take a chartered jets from the airport, with new songs hardly anyone has heard and old songs everyone has heard. It heads for Siberia. Then comes the first answers the question: Will people still have Morten Harket? Before he goes to the street, he says:

- There is a reason why it was I who was Morten Harket. It will not pop up a new variant of mine for a while. It is not a new Morten Harket just around the corner. So I'll hold on for a while.

(Thanks Jakob Seske for sharing the link in Norwegian)

Tudo sobre o Morten

Morten esteve na mídia alemã divulgando seu novo CD e cantou na TV a "Scared of height".Para assistir:


O CD novo dele foi lançado em alguns países da Europa ontem, 13/4. Ainda não há previsão para o lançamento
na América do Sul.
Sua turnê começará dia 16, segunda-feira, na Rússia. No mês que vem a maioria de seus shows será
na Alemanha, cobrindo também outros países da Europa como a França.

Para maiores informações de datas acesse:

Novas informações sempre disponíveis em:

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PS!!! O programa todo será exibido dia 14/4! / The whole program will be on air on April, 14th.

Morten at Norwegian TV - about visiting Brazil

Morten na TV Norueguesa sobre o Brasil!!! Morten at TV2 (Norway) about Brazil:

(na última sexta-feira / last Friday)